Large light blue cup enamelled steel.

The collection "Back to basics" of the Turkish brand KAPKA of enamelled steel tableware comes in three pastel colors for a return to the simplicity of rustic tables.

KAPKA product specificities

Resistant • Can be used outdoors for picnic, at the beach or in the mountains. Shock-resistant. The colors will not fade, they have been heated to 800 °C

Perfect for alimentary use • The paints are non-toxic. 100% recyclable product

Practical • Can be washed in the dishwasher. Can be placed in the freezer and in the oven up to 250 °C • Suitable for cooking on induction plates as well as for fire cooking or electric hot plates. Easy washing. Warm up quickly and keep warm. Keeps drinks and food fresh.


KAPKA was founded to bring out a new joy by re-editing everyday dishes, as practical in the kitchen as in the outdoors and even beyond. By staying true to the artisanal character of enamel, the articles are handmade, using traditional methods. Each piece is unique but all pieces are equally durable and perfectly suited for your everyday cooking.